Aella Lei

"There you are. I was beginning to lose hope that you would come. I'm glad you made it traveler. My name is Aella Lei, I'm a spirit of Keari. Keari is a land of magic and enchantment, with much to see and do. Sadly, Keari is dying. Only the gods can save it, but so far no mortal has been able to speak with them."

"Since you were not born of this world, they might listen to you. But they won't listen until you prove yourself worthy. The only way to prove yourself is to search through the lands of Keari and find those that need your help. Once you do this, the people will bestow a gift on you as proof of your good deed. You must help a person in each of the six main regions of Keari. Once you have done this you can speak to the gods in the Temple of Delphia."

"Your journey will be unique. No two travelers share the same path. I only offer one word of advice, choose a path from the paths provided for you, for those who try and use the device called a 'back button' often find themselves lost."

"If I could go with you on your journey traveler, I would. However, like you, I wasn't born in this world. But I am more a spirit that watches over the people. I must stay here and wait for your return."

"Good luck, my friend, and may the gods protect you."

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